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Open projects for HL-LHC

Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment

Open projects for HL-LHC

The DESY CMS group offers several projects for Bachelor, Master and PhD theses related to the following topics:


Outer Tracker Module Development (contact Andreas Mussgiller)

Measurements of thermal properties of novel materials, test structures and module prototypes

  • characterization of composites
  • optimization thermal interfaces
  • refinement of thermal finite element analyse


Optical measurements of the deformation of test structures and prototype modules due to thermal stress final design and commissioning of the laboratory equipment

  • optimization of the image recognition software
  • improvement and extension of the reconstruction software
  • realization of calibration measurements


Outer Tracker End Cap Mechanics (contact Andreas Mussgiller)

  • development of a small end cap prototype
  • optimization of the assembly procedure


Development of Radiation-hard Silicon Sensors (contact Doris Eckstein)

  • calibration of Transient Current Technique (TCT) setup
  • establish edge-TCT setup
  • characterization of silicon test structures (diodes) using cooled probe station
  • test beam measurements and analyses of irradiated and non-irradiated silicon sensors using an ALIBAVA setup
  • investigation of sensor properties using TCT, multi-channel TCT and edge-TCT
  • investigation of bulk damage in combination with surface damage of silicon sensors
  • simulation of silicon sensors including radiation damage using Synopsys TCAD